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Many hotel owners have similar issues, concerns and problems.

Here is a selection of such issues and explanations on

how Questus can be of assistance.

“I don’t know who should manage my hotel and what to consider when assessing management companies."
We can explain each component, each term, and each definition of the management contract and how they can be negotiated, what they will mean in costs and risks, how they compare to market norms and the potential for future conflicts.
“I don’t know what the various sections and clauses of the hotel management agreement will mean for my business and what I need to be aware of.”          
We can tell you the strengths and weaknesses, advantages as well as disadvantages of each management company. We can tell you qualities, skills and characteristics to look for.
We can tell you which option (e.g. franchise versus managed) best suit your ownership style and provide the best opportunity for a long term successful relationship. We can also provide guidance if you wish to manage yourself, e.g. creating your own brand.
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"I feel my hotel manager is not being open and fully transparent.”
We can design a reporting structure to ensure that owners are fully informed of what's happening with their assets and ensure the owner has the tools and resources to assess the performance of the management company and senior management of the hotel.
“My hotel seems to underperform the market.”      
We can determine why. There is a very good chance that the management is operating on a traditional wholesale / corporate model rather than focusing on e-commerce and digital marketing. We can recommend strategies to improve performance.
“My hotel is not well known on the Chinese market.”
Questus has dedicated staff for e-commerce for the Chinese market.
“I’m not sure if I have a good general manager and if their compensation is appropriate.”
General manager selection is a key to the successful performance of a hotel. We will guide you on the selection and show you the qualities to look for, and ensure their compensation is reasonable and within the market.
“I need to assess if my brand website and on-line travel agency production is successful and what can be done to improve results.”   
The online marketing of hotels is now the key driver of revenue. Questus can set up and advise management in all areas of e-commerce, e.g. LINE, Facebook, Instagram, metasearch, Agoda, Expedia, C-Trip,, SEO, PPC, improving rankings, Youtube, Trip Advisor, Google, TikTok and more. Questus knows what works and how to use these tools to drive revenue.
“The hotel accounting and tax reporting has issues.”
This could mean that the financial controller is not properly trained and not being supervised, which will lead to incorrect financial reporting, weak internal controls, issues with the revenue authorities and loss of Owners’ money. We can try to correct and monitor on an on-going basis.
“The charges from the management company are excessive.”
We can advise you what to expect, what is reasonable and how to minimize exposure.
“My hotel is in pre-opening and I have been presented with very expensive IT, operating equipment, pre-opening sales and marketing, training and payroll budgets.”
We can make sure that these budgets and actual spending are reasonable and under control and that Owner’s money is not being wasted. We can guide the Owner through the pre-opening process to minimize costs and ensure the hotel has a successful opening.
“I am planning a multiple ownership/condotel with ownership distribution and need assistance with the accounting set up.”
Questus offers this service.
“I require corporate accounting (below GOP) tasks for my hotel company including financial statement consolidation, tax reporting, fixed asset register preparation, insurance, debt servicing, etc.”
Questus offers this service.
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“I wish to have a franchise agreement with an international brand but I need someone to manage my hotel.”
Our sister company, Resolute Hotels and Resorts, offers this service.
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